White Wine Valentines Gift

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With the festive fun slowly  ebbing away from our memories, it may seem there’s not much to look forward to in the way of celebrations. Whilst it may not seem like it, Valentine’s Day is another brilliant excuse for to celebrate. If you’re with someone, celebrate your love for that person and if you’re single around the time, grab some mates and celebrate the fact that you are single and proud! Either way, Valentine’s Day should definitely not be spent sobbing into your pillow watching Love Actually for the ninth time that day and thinking there’s no such thing as a fairy tale ending…create your own!

The White Wine Valentines Gift set from SparklingDirect.co.uk is perfect for wooing someone over, and ideal for proving that romance isn’t dead. It’s also a perfect gift that you can send to yourself at work so everyone will think you have an admirer! This cute little set comes equipped with a bottle of Italian Pinot Grigio, a pink and fluffy teddy bear, as well as some yummy Thornton’s chocs that spell out I (heart) you. What more do you need to treat your man / woman / yourself this heart-felt Valentines Day than drink, chocolate and something to snuggle up to at the end of the night…pure bliss if you ask us!

The White Wine Valentines Gift is available for you to buy now from SparklingDirect.co.uk and they also have a fantastic range of Valentine’s Day gift sets too. To view the full range, please visit the Valentine’s Day Gift Set webpage.

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