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Duc de Chapelle Sauvignon BlancWineHound.co.uk is an online stockist of delicious fine wine and Champagne.

They currently have an offer available for all French table wine (excluding Champagne). You can save 10% with the discount code FRANCE10 by entering this into the promo box when prompted to do so during checkout.

Whether you’re looking for a merlot, sauvignon blanc, pinot or a chardonnay, you can save 10% on your order of French table wine at Winehound.co.uk until 28th February 2013.

Code: FRANCE10 
Expires: 28th February 2013

    Sauvignon Blanc California Connoisseur Wine Bottle Kit

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    Are you tired of paying too much for wine or just fancy making your own? Well know you can because at Home Brew Online they have a great selection of wines for you to produce yourself in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price a bottle in the shops costs. The Sauvignon Blanc – California Connoisseur wine kit has all the ingredients to make good quality wine in as little as 28 days.

    Sauvignon Blanc is a dry, medium bodied delicate wine which is growing in popularity. Smooth and full flavoured with subtle grassy, herbal aromas. Includes toasted oak. Serve this sophisticated wine to compliment chicken and seafood meals. Made from the finest grape concentrates California has to offer, California Connoisseur has become synonymous with outstanding wines of distinctive character.

      Wine Bottle in a glass Glass

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      Wine Bottle In A Glass Glass

      We love things that can fit more drink than sense in, that’s why we absolutely love the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass.

      Holding over 750cl – that means that it can hold most bottles of wine! If you have ever watched Courtney Cox in ‘Cougar Town’ you will know how precious these glasses actually are. Dubbed ‘Big Karl’ the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass is the Daddy of all wine glasses.

      If you’re not a big fan of wine, you could always use the huge glass to concoct your own cocktail of yumminess. Perfect for family and friends getting together over the festive season, and ideal as a gift for your friend who loves a drop of the good stuff! When not in use, it makes a great table centre piece with baubles and sparkly decorations in, or else pine cones or pot pouri.

      Definitely not for the faint hearted, the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass is a great addition to your party and glassware collection. It is available as the one glass, a set of two, or if you really want to go all out, it is available in a set of 12. Now you can boast about being the world’s best wine connoisseur…because you can fit more wine in your glass than anybody else!

        Sommeliner 6 Bottle Wine Cellar

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        Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar Black and Silver

        Are you worried about serving your guests warm drinks? Nobody likes a warm glass of white or rose, and definitely not even a warm beer. The Christmas Day mountain of food is stocked up in the fridge and the extras are packed into the freezer…where are you going to chill the drinks? Treat you and your guests to your own Christmas present of cool, crisp and beautifully chilled drinks this festive season.

        The Sommeliner 6 Bottle Wine Cellar is a thing of beauty and practicality. Holding up to six 75cl bottles, you can chillax whilst your wine bottles chill nicely in the plug-in fridge.

        Offering your guests restaurant chilled wine has been difficult, but now you don’t have to worry any longer. The Sommeliner 6 Bottle Wine Cellar can do the jobs that we always fail miserably at…cooling the wine and keeping it as fresh and crisp as it’s supposed to be tasted.

          The Discovery Case

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          Wine is a fantastic present to give and receive. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you just like a glass every now and again, it really is a great gift for sharing with friends and family. Ideal gifts to give as wedding presents, birthdays, and perfect for this time of year too – Christmas is a time where we drink more than we know what’s good for us, but enjoy it when doing so.

          The Discovery Case from Majestic Wines is a fantastic gift set or else set to buy in for Christmas. Boasting twelve different types of wine from some of the best wine growing countries, there is something that you will like to taste of. Deep, rich reds and light, crisp whites will help see your festive fun through with good taste and we hope, great company.

          The Discovery Case includes twelve 75cl bottles of the following:
          - 2x Italian Pinot Grigio
          - 2x Spanish Crianza
          - 2x South of France Sauvignon Blanc
          - 2x Mont St Jean Corbieres
          - 2x Mountain view Sauvignon Blanc
          - 2x Mountain view Merlot

          All these amazingly delicious wines available in The Discovery Case for just £59.88 (RRP £74.88). The wine is wrapped in manufacturer’s recycled materials, but you can opt for a gift wrap if you so choose. Other cases of wine are also available from Majestic Wines.

          The Discovery Case - Majestic Wine