Syringe Shooters

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62575 With Halloween around the corner the perfect time to to start seeing Uncle Roger nearly hear. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and start hitting the beers (sensibly of course.) Halloween is also a great time to start drinking, and one of the best tools is the syringe shooter. The Syringe Shooter is a instrument to get especially if you are drinking cherry sourz, or any alcohol that is red.

The Syringe shooter acts just like a syringe but with alcohol. The syringe shooter enables you to knock the shots back in true Halloween style as you are able to really get into the Halloween spirit. The syringe shooter is  reusable and a great tool to have for any Halloween party that you attend. Whether you  are warming up for a night out, or having a house party the syringe shooters will definitely create added fun for all.

If you are having a party then a collection of syringe shooters can be collected. The collection of shooters can be put in ice in order to get that cool shot of alcohol that you need.

The syringe shooters come at a great price with a set of three costing £2.99 and a set of 24 costing £19.99 which is incredibly reasonable. There is no doubt that the syringe shooters are great value and will definitely get you on your way to Uncle Roger.

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