Rotary 4 Bottle Stand

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Rotary 4 Bottle Stand

Whether you like vodka, gin, baileys, whiskey or pernod – whatever spirit that takes your fancy, why not select, show and serve them in style?

The Rotary 4 Bottle Stand is a lovely piece of bar furniture that is ideal for entertaining. Simply attach 4 of your favourite tipples into the brackets and stand back to admire them in all their alcoholic glory. Rubber retainers hold them safely in place and all you need to do to serve is hold your glass underneath and push up. There are four spring-loaded holders for four of your favourite spirits, each delivering a 35ml shot of your chosen poison.

The solid metal stand and heavy duty base mean that it will not topple over easily, and makes it look even more professional and stylish. Each of the slots hold up to a 1 litre bottle of your choice and you can dazzle (then razzle) your friends and family at get-togethers, dinner parties, or a night in at yours! The Rotary 4 Bottle Stand is perfect for your bar, or even your kitchen top or drinks cabinet.

Now just £24.99 reduced from £24.99, have a party to celebrate anything you like, but we recommend your mates have to bring a bottle if they want to use this professional piece of drinks equipment.

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