Port Sipper Set

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Wine, red or white, it tastes delicious, but we seem to forget about the richer and more exotic of the wine breeds. Port and sherry are a classic after-dinner drink and meant for sharing…although we all know this isn’t always the case.

Whilst drinking from a standard glass is always acceptable, why not go the extra mile and do things a little differently. Everyone likes a little something to spice things up, and this will be a talking point for the most educated of drinking folk. The Port Sipper Set is a thing of glass blown beauty. A stunning long necked decanter holds your tipple of choice, but to get the most out of the specially designed drinking instruments, we highly recommend port or something else with a flavoursome body. The fine glassed decanter has four branches on the stem and these are for housing four port sipper glasses.

The sipper glass is a traditional drinking method that allows you drink the port from the bottom of the glass, as this is where are the richness and deepest of flavours sit. A fantastic gift set or else perfect for entertaining. We recommend you provide these sophisticated drinking instruments, and someone else can provide the liquor!

If you’re quick, you could get this fantastic Port Sipper Set for just £18.99 (RRP £29.99)

Port Sipper Set with Four Sippers



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