Noughts and Crosses Drinking Game

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Noughts & Crosses Drinking Game

Why is it, after a drink or three, we think that we are the best at everything? Well, that was a very stupid question, but one that everyone should know like the back of their hand. After a drink we all become competitive and as more alcohol is consumed, we pull out the old childhood games. Most people have played a drunken game of Twister, and maybe even a game of Scattergories, but have you ever played a drinking game version of noughts and crosses? Now you can…and for less!

Equipped with a checked board and nine shot glasses, you can nought and cross your way to victory with the Noughts and Crosses Drinking Game from In fact, this week, you can purchase the game and glasses for just £2.49 (RRP £3.99) but be quick – it’s only available at this price for 3 more days!

How about inviting your friends round for an epic battle of noughts and crosses? Winner stays on, losers downs the winners line of shots. There are 9 shot glasses, and as always, the aim of the game is to get three of your allocated symbols (noughts or crosses) in a line. The game works a little better after a couple of drinks, and Is great to play at a house party / hosting / drinking fun times at yours or round at a mates house. At this price, we recommend purchasing a few and getting a large group of your friends to come over and play a tournament. What better way to socialise than over a friendly game of Noughts and Crosses Drink Game!?

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