Musical Wine Glasses

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Musical Wine Glasses

Nobody likes a show-off, but everyone will definitely want a go at these this Christmas…

The Musical Wine Glasses are a fantastic invention of a London design studio, and certainly add a new note to an old glass.

The full bodied glasses are adorned with gold lustre, each depicting varying levels and notes on them. Simply fill your glass and play your own musical tune. You’ll be playing as wonderfully as Mozart before you know it, indulging in your two favourite things – music and wine!

All you need to do is fill your glass with your chosen grape juice, wet your finger, grip the base firmly (you don’t want your favourite tipple to topple out everywhere) and gently run your finger around the glass to produce the note registered on the side from the level of liquid. Alternatively, you can tap the side of the glass with a fork and hear the note ring out.

There are two glasses in each Musical Wine Glass pack, so we recommend that you and your friends and family buy a couple each so you can play a twelve note musical symphony! A fantastic gift and a great gimmick to enjoy your wine and become the evening entertainment!

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