Mini Omni Heart Bowl

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Mini Omni Heart Bowl 11cm

The table is set, the food is cooking and the wine is chilling. Your guest arrives…and looks starving. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between bad moods, arguments, break ups and general bad times when your sugar levels are low? Do you want this to happen to you?

Our suggestion is ply your loved one / date / guests with some snacks while the food cooks. This was they will be kept happy, sustain from eating their own arm and hopefully still be in your arms at the end of the night. Why not tie in the Valentine’s Day vibe with these gorgeous, practical and down-right cute Mini Omni Heart Bowls. You can buy them as singulars or in a pack of 8. Ideal for serving up crisps, nuts, crackers, in fact, whatever you can fit in there! The perfect accompaniment for your evening.

Also look great as part of a set at a dinner party. Eaton mess, fruit salad, cheesecake – whatever you serve, they are certainly a talking point and always commented on (even from the manliest of men!) Made from durable porcelain, the bowls are sturdy, pretty and practical. Show off your culinary skills and impress your guests.

Mini Omni Heart Plate 16cm

Single – £4.49 (Was £5.99)
Pack of 8 – £36.99 (Was £39.99)


If you really want to go all out, you could also impress with the Mini Omni Heart Plate. This cute 16cm plate can act as part of your hosting skills and carry through some more yummy treats for your guests. Oven and microwave proof, you can even heat the plate if holding hot food, allowing the food to keep its temperature a little longer.

Ideal for tapas, bruchetta, blinis – whatever you decide to serve, it looks so nice and petit on your little heart shaped plate. Also great for popping your heart bowl on too to catch drips and spills. Why not bake a few heart shaped cakes and pop them on too? Set the mood when you set the table this Valentine’s Day and impress with the heart porcelain bowl.

Single – £6.99 (Was £8.99)
Pack of 8 – £47.99 (Was £49.99)

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