Mature Your Own Whisky Kit

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Mature Your Own Whisky Kit

For those of us who like to kick back with a JD and coke, or enjoy the oakey flavours of a Grouse, or even enjoy the stronger stuff of Black Label – whatever you like to drink in the whiskey stakes, none can compare to your own home matured whiskey.

The Mature Your Own Whiskey Kit is perfect for all you whiskey lovers. Equipped with everything you need to really give your whiskey the kick it needs to get started, you can’t go wrong with this kit. 2x bottles of new-make spirit will see you right to begin with, and you can always add your own to it to make more!

The barrel is made of Kentucky Oak which will give that premium oak-like taste and flavouring to your spirit. The two bottles of 500ml will obviously give you a litre of delicious tasting whiskey and will taste even more the sweeter as you will have matured it yourself.

Enjoy the satisfaction and delight of maturing your own whiskey in your very own whiskey barrel.

For more information and to purchase the Mature Your Own Whiskey Kit please visit the Firebox website


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