KISS Destroyer Beer

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Beer can be boring. There, we said it. Sometimes, getting a crate of Fosters or Carlsberg, whilst we’ll drink it, can be same-old and slightly dull. We recommend giving something that you know your friends will like, appreciate and have never come across before. Behold, the rock ‘n’ roll of all beers out there, KISS Destroyer Beer. This newly brewed beer has been crafted by the hands of the rock stars, KISS.

The bad boys of rock have stepped down fro the starlette stage and joined the boozey crowds of us craving a tasty and refreshing beer. Catman himself describes the beer as having a great head of foam for that initial glug of goodness, a nice flavour and balanced bitterness. Made with malty barley and hops, the Destroyer Beer is an officially licensed product of KISS.

Whilst the band members themselves may not have hand-brewed the beer, they certainly drink it and recommend the tasty triumph to others. You will get 24x 33cl glass bottles of the good stuff for you to enjoy and share at your leisure. Boasting 4.7% alcohol volume, this beer is both refreshing and pleasant on the taste buds, as well as the perfect companion for rocking out with your mates. The KISS Destroyer Beer is great whether you’re face is or isn’t painted and whether you even like cats!

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KISS Destroyer Beer - 24 Bottle Pack


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