Jagermeister Bottle Clock

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Jagermeister Bottle Clock

If anyone has heard of shot o’clock, then this is definitely the clock for you!

The Jagermeister Bottle Clock takes recycling to a different level…an eco-friendly level that is! This fun and novelty clock has been created by recycling an actual bottle of Jagermeister. The handmade Jager spirit bottle has an original label of Jagermeister on too.

All the clockwork is hidden underneath and behind the label, so you can bask in the glory of your favourite death shot! This really is a piece of art and if you love a jagerbomb, then this gift is one for you. We vote that on the hour is shot o’clock, however you can make up your own shot time with an actual bottle of jager to help you toast to your new Jagermeister Bottle Clock.

Now only £19.99 (Was £24.99)


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