Irish Coffee Gift Set

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Irish Coffee Glass Complete Gift Set

It’s that time of year again when we all over indulge in the food and drink…but we can’t think of a better time to do it! Yummy food and amazing drink taste so much better at Christmas, and a hot mulled wine or Irish coffee go down an absolute treat! Serve the seasonal drinks in something a little more elegant and festive than a mug.

The Irish Coffee Gift Set is a brilliant idea for taking festivities to the next level. Picture the scene: you’ve just had an amazing Christmas buffet with friends and family and you’re looking for a nice hot, indulgent drink. A cup of tea just won’t cut it, you want something a little more ‘warming.’ Irish coffees – a brilliant night cap every time. Serving in a standard glass results in burnt fingers and a mug isn’t very charming. The Irish Coffee Gift Set is perfect for those after dinner drinks round the fire.

Heat resistant glass so they can withstand the hot liquid and a stainless steel surround and handle so nobody walks away with blistered and burnt fingers. Not to mention the stainless steel coaster so you don’t ruin your coffee table. We think the best bit about these¬†glutinous glasses are the spoons that accompany them. Not only do they work fabulously spooning the cream off the top and stirring up a storm, but they also double up as straws so you can slurp up every last drop of yumminess.

The Irish Coffee Gift Set is a brilliant present this Christmas and a treat to be enjoyed all year round. You don’t just have to drink Irish coffee from these glasses either – any hot drink can be enjoyed from them! Gift boxed for ease of wrapping and perfect for giving this year. The glasses are also dishwasher safe, so no burning your hands in the washing up bowl either! A treat to be enjoyed by all who use (and drink out of) them.


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