Hip Flask Set with Gift Box

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Hip Flask Set with Gift Box

The weather is cold. No. Worse than cold. Freezing. Bitter. You have to go out to your cousin’s engagement party / brother’s birthday bash / a colleague’s leaving do. Whatever the reason, it’s cold and you don’t feel much like stepping out into the Arctic conditions. Perhaps if you knew you could keep yourself warm from the inside out, you wouldn’t be so reluctant?

The Hip Flask Set from DrinkStuff.com is a great addition for any party / get-together / random night out during the cold freeze this winter. The 8oz brushed stainless steel flask slot perfectly into your top pocket, ready and waiting secretly for you to take a swig. If you feel like sharing, the gift set also comes equipped with two shot cups, so you and your chosen apprentice can play a secret game of ‘I have never’ (or else just drink shots!).

The curved design adds that extra detail of a refined user – little does it know you are using it to stay warm and glug from. The Hip Flask Set also comes with a decanting funnel, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your chosen tipple. All in all, the perfect gift for someone you love, care about, perfect for Valentine’s Day and great for special anniversaries. Whatever the occasion, stay warm this winter with this in your coat pocket. The fantastic set comes neatly packaged in a black gift box and is a great gift idea for anyone who fancies a little tipple when they’re out and about.


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