Giant Glass Beer Boot

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Giant Glass Beer Boot 3.5 Pint

If you’re a little bored of giving a bottle of wine or a box of beer, why not think outside the drinking box and go with something different. Instead of buying your friend the standard pack of cans for his birthday, why not invest in something that will last a little longer and hopefully that they’re enjoy more!

The Giant Glass Beer Boot is a fantastic gift gimmick that will leave you and your mates satisfied and maybe a little sloshed! Holding a massive 3 and a half pints, it’s your choice what you choose to drink! Not only perfect for a pint (or 3.5), but also a fab alternative to a fish bowl for a cocktail. Get creative with your poison of choice and maybe add a few giant straws to the mix to really make it fun!

Legend has it that the much-loved German Bierstiefel originated from soldiers drinking from their boots in the war. The Giant Glass Beer Boot means that you don’t have to get your wellies wet, but can enjoy the contents comfortably with your shoes firmly on your feet and not in-hand. A tip we’d suggest when drinking is pointing the to of the boot to the right or left so as not to accumulate air bubbles and creates a huge frothy head to your beautiful boot beer.

Ideal for a gift for any occasion and available as a one off gift or as a pack of four.

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