Double Length Beer Bong Funnel

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After a few drinks we all get a bit rowdy and have the urge to consume more and more, however, there is always one stage of the night where the beer bong has to make an appearance. Funnel the alcohol down your neck as you look to hit that Uncle Roger feeling. The Beer Bong will enable for you to feel like an american college student as you are able to challenge all of your mates to drinking competitions.

The Beer Bong comes equipped with a tightly fastened mouthpiece that enables for you to fill up the bong whilst chugging. The Beer Bong hold up to 2.5 pints, so a few full bongs will start making uncle roger appear and you mistaking toilets for sinks. The beer bong will definitely bring fun to the party, and will bring a hell of a lot of action to the party as competition is raised between you and your mates. The beer bong is definitely worth a purchase in order for you to reach that Uncle Roger level, and with University students starting freshers, what better way to introduce yourself than with a beer bong and plenty of beer to go with it.

The Beer bong will get you funneling beer like no tomorrow but be warned that things can turn messy after a few chugs on the bong so be warned!

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