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Duc de Chapelle Sauvignon BlancWineHound.co.uk is an online stockist of delicious fine wine and Champagne.

They currently have an offer available for all French table wine (excluding Champagne). You can save 10% with the discount code FRANCE10 by entering this into the promo box when prompted to do so during checkout.

Whether you’re looking for a merlot, sauvignon blanc, pinot or a chardonnay, you can save 10% on your order of French table wine at Winehound.co.uk until 28th February 2013.

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    Bottle Boutique

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    Bottle Bouquet

    Valentine’s Day is nodding its head at us as a reminder that it’s nearly time… Time for buying overly expensive chocolates, paying above the odds for a ‘romantic meal’ at a fancy restaurant, and the flowers…wow…we may as well take out a loan for the price you pay for them. That’s why this year, we’re thinking outside the box…

    Does your partner like wine? Do they like socialising? If so, why don’t you surprise your partner with a bouquet we reckon they have never seen before…The Bottle Bouquet! It a flower shaped base-tray that you slot the hole in the middle over the neck of a bottle of wine. Then comes the sociable bit…the petals…or glasses as we like to call them! Simply slide 6 wine glasses by the base into the edges of the tray to create your very own beautiful Bottle Bouquet.

    Was £14.99 but now available for just £8.99, why don’t you think out of the ordinary for this year’s Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner with a private party of their own? Perfect for hosting dinner parties and a great entertainment factor.

      The Wine Buddy Starter Kit – Cabernet Sauvignon

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      WineBuddy Starter Kit - Cabernet Sauvignon (6 Bottle)

      Ever wanted to make your own wine? Think it takes an age and you don’t even know where to start? Well, we have the product for you. The Wine Buddy Starter Kit.

      This specific kit makes 6 bottles / 4.5L of Cabernet Sauvignon and has everything you need to make your own wine. The all in one kit is fantastic value for money and contains almost all the ingredients required to start yourself off in your wine making. All you need to complete this amazing kit is sugar, water and 6 bottle ready and waiting.

      It comes with instructions, as well as reusable equipment. The kit itself comprises of:

      2x 5L Fermentation Containers
      1x Fermentation Container Lid
      Syphon Tube and Clip
      1x Concentrate Bottle
      Yeast / Nutrient
      French Oak Chips
      6x Wine labels and plastic bottle stoppers

      The brewing strength of the wine is 11% and makes 6 bottles / 4.5L. You can also buy refill kits of white or red wine if you fancy your hand at making both! A fantastic starter kit for both new and experienced wine merchants, making wine has never been so easy! Impress your friends at a dinner party, or play host to a cheese and wine fuddle, perfect for family get-togethers – whatever the occasion, celebrate together with your home-made wine. The Wine Buddy Starter Kit is available from home-brew-online for just £19.95.

        The Love Grass Shiraz 2009

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        D'ARENBERG - The Love Grass Shiraz 2009

        With the day to be all coupley and lovey dovey just around the corner, why not treat yourself to a yummy bottle of glorious red wine?

        Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can still enjoy and appreciate the delights of a delicious red wine, which just so happens to be called The Love Grass Shiraz. Produced in 2009, this was a time that the red and dark fruits in Australia were at their ripened best, and make for an exquisite tasting wine.

        Plum boysenberry and raspberry tones complement the charred meat black olives and dark chocolate notes to the complex vino. All the darkness of the wine is lifted slightly with the addition of cinnamon spice and cured meat flavours to add an extra depth of ‘light and shade’ to the wine itself.

        Ideal and ideally named for Valentine’s Day, The Love Grass Shiraz Wine is certainly a great addition to any table top, dinner party, intimate seduction service and will leave a delicious taste in your mouth.

        75cl bottle – £11.69 from TheDrinkShop.com

          Wine Bottle in a glass Glass

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          Wine Bottle In A Glass Glass

          We love things that can fit more drink than sense in, that’s why we absolutely love the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass.

          Holding over 750cl – that means that it can hold most bottles of wine! If you have ever watched Courtney Cox in ‘Cougar Town’ you will know how precious these glasses actually are. Dubbed ‘Big Karl’ the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass is the Daddy of all wine glasses.

          If you’re not a big fan of wine, you could always use the huge glass to concoct your own cocktail of yumminess. Perfect for family and friends getting together over the festive season, and ideal as a gift for your friend who loves a drop of the good stuff! When not in use, it makes a great table centre piece with baubles and sparkly decorations in, or else pine cones or pot pouri.

          Definitely not for the faint hearted, the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass is a great addition to your party and glassware collection. It is available as the one glass, a set of two, or if you really want to go all out, it is available in a set of 12. Now you can boast about being the world’s best wine connoisseur…because you can fit more wine in your glass than anybody else!