Christmas Mulled Wine Heater and Pot

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Christmas Mulled Wine Pot with Heater

What better way to say ‘Christmas’ than with a Christmas Mulled Wine Heater and Pot?

This ingenious idea comes courtesy of and is priced at an amazing £29.99. Traditional stoneware pot makes the perfect host for your mulled wine or cider, gently heating over the stone holder. Place a tealight underneath for a steady and gentle hit of heat to keep it nice and warm, ready for your next glass (or pint) of it.

This is an ideal gift for Christmas, and even better when you have guests round. Designed for entertaining purposes, no electricity or gas is used keeping your mulled wine warm on the stove.

The lid retains the heat brilliantly, so no warmth can escape this lovely stoneware pot. Finished with a traditional cross-stitch pattern, this brilliant Christmas Mulled Wine Heater and Pot says ‘Christmas’ in the simplest form. Two handles either side for ease of moving and lifting. No gimmicks or tricks, just plain and simple and truly Christmassy.

    Gourmet Mulling Syrup

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    “‘Tis the season to be jolly…”

    We love the festive season and none more so than the delicious mulled wine makes a return to our drinking vocabulary once again. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a spot of mulled wine, and we know that most people now prefer to make their own rather than buying in. The smell of the simmering mulled wine fills the house with that all too familiar Christmas smell, and tastes utterly delicious. Instead of playing about with sugar and measuring this year, why not get stuck straight in so you have more time for drinking!

    Gourmet Mulling Syrup is perfect for parties and quickly made up. With Selsley herbs and festive spices, the syrup is simply added to red wine to recreate a taste of mulled wine heaven. I highly recommend adding an extra bit of fruit, just for that added depth and flavour. Some oranges or clementines and lemon is usually all it takes to kick start those delicious spicey and fruity flavours.

    Mulled wine is something that we all refer to as a Christmas drink, so indulge this year with something that will spice up a bottle of red, and watch those rosey cheeks appear on your guests. A beautiful and fragrant smell and taste, as well as conjuring up those Christmas’ past. Delicious and dark syrup is packed full of fruity and sugary goodness that creates the perfect adaptation of mulled wine when mixed a bottle of your favourite red. Get into the spirit of things with the Gourmet Mulling Syrup

    Gourmet Mulling Syrup - Majestic Wine