Harmless Fun on the Rum

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Back in June a group of us spent a week enjoying the delights of Barbados this is the story of one night when Uncle Roger came to play although thankfully he was being mischievous rather than malicious.

The night began tamely as these things usually do our entire group went for a a meal at the awesome Oistens this outdoor fish fry is a must see attraction on the island.

After the meal our party broke up and with just a few of us left a small bottle bottle of Rum and a bottle of coke was ordered, now Mountgay Rum is the national drink of Barbados, its silky smooth, cheaper than water and if someone offers you one its rude not to partake.

This was soon dispatched so the next call was for a bigger bottle of rum (but still just one coke), this set the tone for the evening, back at the hotel it was more beer, more rum, silly photos etc.

I survived the night pretty well and am too polite to put up the photos of the others, this pleasant and, by “Uncle Roger’s” standards, fairly tame evening wound up about 4.30am.

After about 2 hours I woke needing food, so still rummed up made my way down the street for a full English breakfast which did a good job of soaking up some of the booze.

When I arrived back at the hotel at about 8am some others from our group were in the pool having just walked back several miles from a nightclub, but thats another story, and not mine to tell…