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Bottle Bouquet

Valentine’s Day is nodding its head at us as a reminder that it’s nearly time… Time for buying overly expensive chocolates, paying above the odds for a ‘romantic meal’ at a fancy restaurant, and the flowers…wow…we may as well take out a loan for the price you pay for them. That’s why this year, we’re thinking outside the box…

Does your partner like wine? Do they like socialising? If so, why don’t you surprise your partner with a bouquet we reckon they have never seen before…The Bottle Bouquet! It a flower shaped base-tray that you slot the hole in the middle over the neck of a bottle of wine. Then comes the sociable bit…the petals…or glasses as we like to call them! Simply slide 6 wine glasses by the base into the edges of the tray to create your very own beautiful Bottle Bouquet.

Was £14.99 but now available for just £8.99, why don’t you think out of the ordinary for this year’s Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner with a private party of their own? Perfect for hosting dinner parties and a great entertainment factor.

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