Boozy Ice Cube Tray

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Drink stuff currently have a great selection of items in their clearance sale. One of those is this Boozy Ice Cube Tray. This ice cube tray makes a great gift for those who sometimes forget what their drinking.

The novelty ice cube tray has a number of different uses, playing scrabble with friends, letting people know what your drinking or even for cooling your drink. Why not use the mould for making jelly or flavoured ice cubes. The boozy letters are great for BBQ’s, parties and nights in.

This Boozy Ice Cube Tray lets you put GIN in your tonic, RUM in your cola, VODKA in your orange and WHISKY in your…whisky.

The ice cube tray is made of a flexible white silicone that allows you to easily get the cubes out, as well as being food safe and dishwasher safe.

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