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This is the latest ingenious invention from firebox, and will definitely help in the world of mixology. Everything that a bar person (note, politically correct) needs, all in one stylish and practical Swiss-army knife style.

The Bar10der invention sees a revolution in the art of tending bars and drinks. With everything you may need all in one place, the only thing you need to worry about is where you’re going to keep it! Ten practical utensils that in true Swiss-knife style all can be neatly folded away.

A muddler – for all your crushing and kneading needs
A stirrer, for mixing up those cocktails created
Knife – a cocktail is not a cocktail without a bit of fruit floating in it
Channel knife – for those fancy flourishes to impress
Zester – Ideal fro adding a bit more flavour
Reamer – for juicing and adding that extra freshness
Jigger – for measuring out your shots
Bottle opener – needs no explanation
Corkscrew – Open those bottles in style
Strainer – drain away the good stuff and strain back the pulp

All in all, the Bar10der is an ideal accompaniment for any bar tender, home bar tender or someone who wants to have the cocktail world at their finger tips. £29.99

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