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Now the summer time is over the party season is almost upon us. The combination of Halloween, Bonfire night, and Christmas, make perfect cause for celebration. And what better way to celebrate the British party season than with the fantastic offer available from Majestic Wine.  Majestic Wine have a variety of different wines on offer as part of their Autumn sale. Autumn offer a wide variety of different wines at prices that will make you scream “I love Uncle Roger!” The following shows the different wine that is on offer exclusively to Majestic Wine:

37083_pBrancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2012

This wine has been created in New Zealand and offer a wide range of different aromas and tropical tastes. The wine has been grown in a iconic winery Montana which is at the forefront of New Zealand wines, and with out it there wouldn’t be a wine scene in New Zealand. The taste is dry and is priced in the Autumn sale at £6.99.


22050_pBollinger Special Cuvee NV

This wine is a delight for most as it provides a full bodied taste of champagne, complete with a pale gold colour. This Champagne has been reduced in the Majestic sale from £45.00 to £29.98.




14207_pRoja Reserva 2008 Langunilla 

This wine creates a great balance between meatiness and elegance . The Wine has been stored in oak casks and has smooth, mellow tastes with spicy aromatics. This wine is has enjoyed triple reductions and is now available at the price of £6.99.




There are many different wines that are available in the Majestic sale. There are a vast amount of different wine that is available in the autumn sale and the full range of wine can be viewed at  


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