Noughts and Crosses Drinking Game

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Noughts & Crosses Drinking Game

Why is it, after a drink or three, we think that we are the best at everything? Well, that was a very stupid question, but one that everyone should know like the back of their hand. After a drink we all become competitive and as more alcohol is consumed, we pull out the old childhood games. Most people have played a drunken game of Twister, and maybe even a game of Scattergories, but have you ever played a drinking game version of noughts and crosses? Now you can…and for less!

Equipped with a checked board and nine shot glasses, you can nought and cross your way to victory with the Noughts and Crosses Drinking Game from In fact, this week, you can purchase the game and glasses for just £2.49 (RRP £3.99) but be quick – it’s only available at this price for 3 more days!

How about inviting your friends round for an epic battle of noughts and crosses? Winner stays on, losers downs the winners line of shots. There are 9 shot glasses, and as always, the aim of the game is to get three of your allocated symbols (noughts or crosses) in a line. The game works a little better after a couple of drinks, and Is great to play at a house party / hosting / drinking fun times at yours or round at a mates house. At this price, we recommend purchasing a few and getting a large group of your friends to come over and play a tournament. What better way to socialise than over a friendly game of Noughts and Crosses Drink Game!?

    Luxe Lounge Cocktail Compass

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    Luxe Lounge Cocktail Compass

    You walk into a cocktail bar and are faced with that inevitable question…”What would you like?” The panic, the fray, the sheer pressure you feel for ordering a drink quickly. The impulsive nature gets the better of you and you choose something that you’ve never heard of before, and not entirely sure what even is in it. Before you know it, you have the equivalent of a shot of coffee and the foulest tasting juice you have ever had in your life and paid a small mortgage for it too! “This would never happen at home” you think…but again, it does. The amount of times we all just head for a bottle because it’s easy and drinkable…do you know what you’re missing out on?

    The Luxe Lounge Cocktail Compass can help ebb the pain of that last cocktail away, and open your eyes to the possibilities of enjoying something more than a glass of vino in your home. The compass is a fun and new-aged recipe book, but is more for recipe inspiration and a guide through the perfect mixology lesson. Adorned with 12 of the most popular cocktails, you simply align the compass to the drink you’d like to recreate and follow the simple ingredients, measures and handy key that provides all the extra info and method of mixing. Sex on the beach, Tequila Sunrise, Woo Woo, Martini, Cosmo, Daiquiri, Long island Iced Tea, Margarita, Mojito, Sea breeze, Bellini and Caipirosca. What will you choose?

    Serve with ice, strain the juice, layer it up in your glass, whatever the compass says, you do and rest assured you’ll end up with a delicious cocktail that would rival the best cocktail bar in town. Just be sure you know what you want to drink and choose accordingly. The Luxe Lounge Cocktail Compass is made from stainless steel and looks lovely in your kitchen. The perfect accompaniment for your friends party, and the perfect excuse to get a little squiffy whilst you practice your craft with your mates round.

      Breathable Wine Glasses

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      Breathable Wine Glasses

      Wine glasses…we buy them cheaply, they break at the slightest knock, there are even those few that we find difficult to get Sandra’s bright pink lipstick off after playing host to friends. Does it really matter though? We all have those friends that have the cheap glasses, and those that have the latest designer ones…but is there really any difference? Well, we didn’t think much either way, until we tried to Breathable Wine Glasses.

      Wine should be aerated, and especially tannic red variations. This is because all those yummy flavours and aromas have been cooped up in a large wine bottle and have become compact. Aeration allows the wine to ‘breathe’ and for the flavours to unfold within a glass or decanter and sit for a while before the maximum and full potential of flavour should be consumed. The Breathable Wine Glasses on first appearances don’t look any different from any other glass you may use, fancy or cheaply bought. However, there is a huge difference. these glasses are made from lead-free crystal glass, which without going into boring scientific talk, oxygenate the wine up to 30 times faster than a ‘standard’ glass would. This means that you can enjoy your wine faster than you usually would, with the maximum flavour at the forefront of each sip.

      Apparently, as most wine connoisseurs will know, simply de-corking a bottle and leaving it to ‘air’ will not do the job correctly, or even remotely. If you want to aerate a wine accordingly, a decanter should be used and left for up to two hours to allow the full flavours of the wine to shine through., The glasses do this job from 2-4 minutes, so you can spend more time drinking and less time thinking about drinking! Wash as usual (but be careful with them), and enjoy an altogether different flavour of wine. Try it for yourself… take a standard glass and one of the Breathable Wine Glasses and you will be able to taste the difference straight away. Available from Firebox and come in a pack of 2 for £24.99.

        Digital Wine Bottle Thermometer

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        Digital Wine Bottle ThermometerMost red wines do not belong in the fridge and should be served at room / slightly above room temperature. But what is room temperature? What is the right temperature to serve wine? How do we know how hot or cold the room is? Should we know when room temperature has been reached? Should it be that we shouldn’t be able to tell if it’s warm or cold? WHERE’S THE IN-BETWEEN!?!

        The Digital Wine Bottle Thermometer sees off all our wine temp worries. Gone are the days where we guess at how the wine will be and no longer are the awkward ‘the bottle’s warm, but the wine is cold’ dinner party blips. You simply pop the thermometer around the neck of the bottle and leave for a while. This will measure a true reading of the temperature of the bottle and when measured properly, the contents should be more or less a degree or two in check with the stated number.

        This is a great accompaniment to any wine experts cabinet, as wine temperature is something we all play guess to. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a fancy fridge or heated cabinet to keep win accordingly. Simply pop the digital wine bottle thermometer on a bottle of your favourite vino, and wait for the perfect time to pour. Ideal for dinner parties, hosting a night in, bars and businesses alike.

        This week only – The Digital Wine Bottle Thermometer is available from for just £5.49 (RRP £14.99)

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