Black Vinyl Works Boston Cocktail Shaker Set

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Black Vinylworks Boston Cocktail Shaker SetChristmas – a time for all sorts of family, friends and those folk you’re not too sure if they actually know anyone, but have come along to join in the festive party spirit anyway! Mixing and matching is one of our favourite things at Christmas and New Year; The mixture of people all standing and crouching in your living room for a bit of space, the mass concoction of food that you plunge into your stomach, as well as the amount of drinks…

But we’re focusing on the drinks. Why don’t you let your cocktail mixing days come into their own this Christmas with the Black Vinyl Works Boston Cocktail Shake Set? this is a great starter set and is perfect for the festive season. Shake up something delicious or stir your own version of a vodka Martini – the choices are endless. A stunning black vinyl works Boston Cocktail Shaker tin, a cocktail shaker glass, a strainer, muddler, twisting spoon and a jigger measure, all available in the set. Now with 63% off for this week only, you can have this fantastic set for just £9.99 (Usual RRP £26.99).

    More Monin

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    MONIN - Cannelle (Cinnamon)

    Monin is a fantastic company and one that we recommend buying into this festive season.

    Mr Monin decided to set up shop in 1912 and is now the world’s leading manufacturing and marketing of premium syrups. An amazing feat in itself, but what’s more are the flavours.

    There are certain smells and spices that scream Christmas to most of us, and Monin has managed to successfully capture these in a bottle. Using as many natural ingredients, the smell and flavours are created and served to us with a sincere, flavoursome factor and taste truly delicious.

    Dark chocolate, Creme Brulee, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Almond, Gingerbread, Caramel and Cranberry are just a handful of the festive flavours on offer from Monin syrups. These are ideal to create your own cocktail concoction this Christmas and New Year and are fantastic in an array of other things. Spice up your morning coffee with a drop of cinnamon or creme brullee and when toasting int he new year, add a splash of gingerbread to create another depth to your bubbles. Taste amazing in hot teas, as well as over some vanilla ice cream – you can create your own use for the delicious Monin flavours on offer. Most in stock now at why not entertain in style this year and add some spice to your guests drinks? To view the full range of Monin flavours, please visit webpage

      Wine Bottle in a glass Glass

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      Wine Bottle In A Glass Glass

      We love things that can fit more drink than sense in, that’s why we absolutely love the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass.

      Holding over 750cl – that means that it can hold most bottles of wine! If you have ever watched Courtney Cox in ‘Cougar Town’ you will know how precious these glasses actually are. Dubbed ‘Big Karl’ the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass is the Daddy of all wine glasses.

      If you’re not a big fan of wine, you could always use the huge glass to concoct your own cocktail of yumminess. Perfect for family and friends getting together over the festive season, and ideal as a gift for your friend who loves a drop of the good stuff! When not in use, it makes a great table centre piece with baubles and sparkly decorations in, or else pine cones or pot pouri.

      Definitely not for the faint hearted, the Wine Bottle in a glass Glass is a great addition to your party and glassware collection. It is available as the one glass, a set of two, or if you really want to go all out, it is available in a set of 12. Now you can boast about being the world’s best wine connoisseur…because you can fit more wine in your glass than anybody else!

        Sommeliner 6 Bottle Wine Cellar

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        Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar Black and Silver

        Are you worried about serving your guests warm drinks? Nobody likes a warm glass of white or rose, and definitely not even a warm beer. The Christmas Day mountain of food is stocked up in the fridge and the extras are packed into the freezer…where are you going to chill the drinks? Treat you and your guests to your own Christmas present of cool, crisp and beautifully chilled drinks this festive season.

        The Sommeliner 6 Bottle Wine Cellar is a thing of beauty and practicality. Holding up to six 75cl bottles, you can chillax whilst your wine bottles chill nicely in the plug-in fridge.

        Offering your guests restaurant chilled wine has been difficult, but now you don’t have to worry any longer. The Sommeliner 6 Bottle Wine Cellar can do the jobs that we always fail miserably at…cooling the wine and keeping it as fresh and crisp as it’s supposed to be tasted.

          Musical Wine Glasses

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          Musical Wine Glasses

          Nobody likes a show-off, but everyone will definitely want a go at these this Christmas…

          The Musical Wine Glasses are a fantastic invention of a London design studio, and certainly add a new note to an old glass.

          The full bodied glasses are adorned with gold lustre, each depicting varying levels and notes on them. Simply fill your glass and play your own musical tune. You’ll be playing as wonderfully as Mozart before you know it, indulging in your two favourite things – music and wine!

          All you need to do is fill your glass with your chosen grape juice, wet your finger, grip the base firmly (you don’t want your favourite tipple to topple out everywhere) and gently run your finger around the glass to produce the note registered on the side from the level of liquid. Alternatively, you can tap the side of the glass with a fork and hear the note ring out.

          There are two glasses in each Musical Wine Glass pack, so we recommend that you and your friends and family buy a couple each so you can play a twelve note musical symphony! A fantastic gift and a great gimmick to enjoy your wine and become the evening entertainment!