2005 Fonseca Vintage Port

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Port is a great gift to give this time of year. Warming and fruity, it sparks an element of Christmas and indugance. The rich and powerful fruity flavours take over the senses and you can sit back and enjoy.

The 2005 Fonseca Vintage Port is an unfiltered and late bottled vintage port that is ready for opening and drinking now – 2016. Delicious and crisp, the dark ruby colour with a hint of purple is a statement on its own. Combining an amazing array of aromatics, including florals, blueberry, liquorice as well as mocha scents. Encompassing strawberry, grenadine and chocolates taste, the fruity sprite of flavours is simply delightful on the pallet, especially after a yummy meat Christmas dinner.

Perfect for a gift as it is presented in a beautiful silk-lined box, neatly tucked away, waiting to be drank. Accompanied with four fantastic wine accessories, you can really spoil a person. These include a corkscrew, a wine pourer, a drip stopper and thermometer.

Perfect for Christmas, special birthdays and anniversaries.

    Gourmet Mulling Syrup

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    “‘Tis the season to be jolly…”

    We love the festive season and none more so than the delicious mulled wine makes a return to our drinking vocabulary once again. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a spot of mulled wine, and we know that most people now prefer to make their own rather than buying in. The smell of the simmering mulled wine fills the house with that all too familiar Christmas smell, and tastes utterly delicious. Instead of playing about with sugar and measuring this year, why not get stuck straight in so you have more time for drinking!

    Gourmet Mulling Syrup is perfect for parties and quickly made up. With Selsley herbs and festive spices, the syrup is simply added to red wine to recreate a taste of mulled wine heaven. I highly recommend adding an extra bit of fruit, just for that added depth and flavour. Some oranges or clementines and lemon is usually all it takes to kick start those delicious spicey and fruity flavours.

    Mulled wine is something that we all refer to as a Christmas drink, so indulge this year with something that will spice up a bottle of red, and watch those rosey cheeks appear on your guests. A beautiful and fragrant smell and taste, as well as conjuring up those Christmas’ past. Delicious and dark syrup is packed full of fruity and sugary goodness that creates the perfect adaptation of mulled wine when mixed a bottle of your favourite red. Get into the spirit of things with the Gourmet Mulling Syrup

    Gourmet Mulling Syrup - Majestic Wine


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      Duff is Homer Simpsons choice of beer in the much loved fictional show The Simpsons. The fictional beer comes with the slogan ‘Can’t

      get enough of that wonderful Duff‘. The official spokesman of Duff is Duffman and the beer is served most famously at Moes tavern.

      The Legendary Duff Beer is now available to us in the real world as a premium German pilsner that holds a crisp, light refreshing taste along with iconic packaging. This beer has certainly fulfilled its namesake in becoming a modern day legend, developing a vast following across Europe and the rest of the world.

      Vigorous quality measures and a fine art of blending science together with precise brewing practices has allowed Brewmasters Gebeaut’s time honoured brewing traditions and state of the art techniques ensure the legendary duff beer arrives to you with the perfect balance of flavour and refreshment.

        KISS Destroyer Beer

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        Beer can be boring. There, we said it. Sometimes, getting a crate of Fosters or Carlsberg, whilst we’ll drink it, can be same-old and slightly dull. We recommend giving something that you know your friends will like, appreciate and have never come across before. Behold, the rock ‘n’ roll of all beers out there, KISS Destroyer Beer. This newly brewed beer has been crafted by the hands of the rock stars, KISS.

        The bad boys of rock have stepped down fro the starlette stage and joined the boozey crowds of us craving a tasty and refreshing beer. Catman himself describes the beer as having a great head of foam for that initial glug of goodness, a nice flavour and balanced bitterness. Made with malty barley and hops, the Destroyer Beer is an officially licensed product of KISS.

        Whilst the band members themselves may not have hand-brewed the beer, they certainly drink it and recommend the tasty triumph to others. You will get 24x 33cl glass bottles of the good stuff for you to enjoy and share at your leisure. Boasting 4.7% alcohol volume, this beer is both refreshing and pleasant on the taste buds, as well as the perfect companion for rocking out with your mates. The KISS Destroyer Beer is great whether you’re face is or isn’t painted and whether you even like cats!

        buy now

        KISS Destroyer Beer - 24 Bottle Pack

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