London Wine Academy – Introductory One Day Workshop

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We all do it, pick up a bottle of wine , look at the label and read about the flavours and aromas it has without ever really understanding what it truly all means. Well know you can with an introductory one day workshop at the London Wine Academy. They cover all the main grape varieties and styles from the Old and the New World and follow the trusted systematic approach to wine tasting.

They will teach you how to evaluate and assess quality. Ageing potential; wine and food matching; wine production; storage conditions; wine faults and many other burning wine issues are also covered. Wines are selected to demonstrate certain characteristics and explain the principals of wine tasting.

This day will give you an excellent overview of the main grape varieties and benchmark styles from around the world. They will teach you how to taste wine professionally and give you the tools to fully understand the structure and nuances of any wines that you taste.

Wines are tasted “blind” or unseen so that you learn to judge the quality of a wine on merit, without any preconceptions.
The day will impart the knowledge necessary for you to break free from your wine rut and will introduce you to new and exciting styles.

Their tutors will pass on insider tips to help you navigate the pitfalls of buying wine in shops or restaurants giving you more confidence when entertaining clients or friends.