2005 Fonseca Vintage Port

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Port is a great gift to give this time of year. Warming and fruity, it sparks an element of Christmas and indugance. The rich and powerful fruity flavours take over the senses and you can sit back and enjoy.

The 2005 Fonseca Vintage Port is an unfiltered and late bottled vintage port that is ready for opening and drinking now – 2016. Delicious and crisp, the dark ruby colour with a hint of purple is a statement on its own. Combining an amazing array of aromatics, including florals, blueberry, liquorice as well as mocha scents. Encompassing strawberry, grenadine and chocolates taste, the fruity sprite of flavours is simply delightful on the pallet, especially after a yummy meat Christmas dinner.

Perfect for a gift as it is presented in a beautiful silk-lined box, neatly tucked away, waiting to be drank. Accompanied with four fantastic wine accessories, you can really spoil a person. These include a corkscrew, a wine pourer, a drip stopper and thermometer.

Perfect for Christmas, special birthdays and anniversaries.

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