Double Length Beer Bong Funnel

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After a few drinks we all get a bit rowdy and have the urge to consume more and more, however, there is always one stage of the night where the beer bong has to make an appearance. Funnel the alcohol down your neck as you look to hit that Uncle Roger feeling. The Beer Bong will enable for you to feel like an american college student as you are able to challenge all of your mates to drinking competitions.

The Beer Bong comes equipped with a tightly fastened mouthpiece that enables for you to fill up the bong whilst chugging. The Beer Bong hold up to 2.5 pints, so a few full bongs will start making uncle roger appear and you mistaking toilets for sinks. The beer bong will definitely bring fun to the party, and will bring a hell of a lot of action to the party as competition is raised between you and your mates. The beer bong is definitely worth a purchase in order for you to reach that Uncle Roger level, and with University students starting freshers, what better way to introduce yourself than with a beer bong and plenty of beer to go with it.

The Beer bong will get you funneling beer like no tomorrow but be warned that things can turn messy after a few chugs on the bong so be warned!

    Syringe Shooters

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    62575 With Halloween around the corner the perfect time to to start seeing Uncle Roger nearly hear. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and start hitting the beers (sensibly of course.) Halloween is also a great time to start drinking, and one of the best tools is the syringe shooter. The Syringe Shooter is a instrument to get especially if you are drinking cherry sourz, or any alcohol that is red.

    The Syringe shooter acts just like a syringe but with alcohol. The syringe shooter enables you to knock the shots back in true Halloween style as you are able to really get into the Halloween spirit. The syringe shooter is  reusable and a great tool to have for any Halloween party that you attend. Whether you  are warming up for a night out, or having a house party the syringe shooters will definitely create added fun for all.

    If you are having a party then a collection of syringe shooters can be collected. The collection of shooters can be put in ice in order to get that cool shot of alcohol that you need.

    The syringe shooters come at a great price with a set of three costing £2.99 and a set of 24 costing £19.99 which is incredibly reasonable. There is no doubt that the syringe shooters are great value and will definitely get you on your way to Uncle Roger.

      Autumn Offers

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      Now the summer time is over the party season is almost upon us. The combination of Halloween, Bonfire night, and Christmas, make perfect cause for celebration. And what better way to celebrate the British party season than with the fantastic offer available from Majestic Wine.  Majestic Wine have a variety of different wines on offer as part of their Autumn sale. Autumn offer a wide variety of different wines at prices that will make you scream “I love Uncle Roger!” The following shows the different wine that is on offer exclusively to Majestic Wine:

      37083_pBrancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2012

      This wine has been created in New Zealand and offer a wide range of different aromas and tropical tastes. The wine has been grown in a iconic winery Montana which is at the forefront of New Zealand wines, and with out it there wouldn’t be a wine scene in New Zealand. The taste is dry and is priced in the Autumn sale at £6.99.


      22050_pBollinger Special Cuvee NV

      This wine is a delight for most as it provides a full bodied taste of champagne, complete with a pale gold colour. This Champagne has been reduced in the Majestic sale from £45.00 to £29.98.




      14207_pRoja Reserva 2008 Langunilla 

      This wine creates a great balance between meatiness and elegance . The Wine has been stored in oak casks and has smooth, mellow tastes with spicy aromatics. This wine is has enjoyed triple reductions and is now available at the price of £6.99.




      There are many different wines that are available in the Majestic sale. There are a vast amount of different wine that is available in the autumn sale and the full range of wine can be viewed at  


        Great Tasting Prosecco From Majestic Wine for Under £10.00 When You Buy 2 or More Bottles

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        After a busy week of work, chasing the kids around or anything else that’s time consuming most people like to relax with a drink or two when it get’s to the weekend because everybody deserves a little me time.

        If you haven’t got any plans of going out to wind down after a hectic schedule, then the next best thing for most people is to grab a bottle of wine to sit at home with, and enjoy either to yourself or with a few friends. Majestic Wine currently have some great deals on Prosecco whereby buying 2 bottles will save you money, and on the plus side 1 bottle is never enough.

        We’ve chosen our top 5 favourite Prosecco’s from Majestic Wine that if you buy 2 or more bottles then each bottle will cost you under £10.00.

        Villa Sandi Prosecco Frizzante
        This is a gently sparkling and off-dry style. Very pale in colour, with floral and citrus fragrances. It is crisp and clean with small bubbles and aromas of pear and honeydew melon.
        Price £8.99
        Buy 2 bottles save £3
        Price £7.49|searchterm:

        Prosecco Treviso Extra Dry
        A bright straw yellow colour, with faint greenish tinges. The nose is gently floral, with a mixture of peach, pear and tropical fruit notes. Lightly off-dry, for a refreshing, easy-going flavour.
        Price £11.99
        Buy 2 bottles save 1/3
        Price £7.99|searchterm:

        Prosecco Corte Alta
        Delicate and aromatic with a light body and fine bubbles, this wine carries lots of fresh peach, pear, apricot and apple with a revitalising finish.
        Price £10.49
        Buy 2 bottles save £4
        Price £8.49|searchterm:

        Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene Extra Dry
        A pale straw colour with a fine mousse and typical fruit characters of apples and pineapples.
        Price £13.49
        Buy 2 bottles save 1/3
        Price £8.99|searchterm:

        Prosecco Zonin Brut
        Deliberately light and refreshing in style, with a palate of fresh pear and dessert apple fruit, further lifted by subtle floral and almond aromas. Delicately off-dry, with a clean finish.
        Price £11.99
        Buy 2 bottles save £4
        Price £9.99|searchterm:

          Noughts and Crosses Drinking Game

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          Noughts & Crosses Drinking Game

          Why is it, after a drink or three, we think that we are the best at everything? Well, that was a very stupid question, but one that everyone should know like the back of their hand. After a drink we all become competitive and as more alcohol is consumed, we pull out the old childhood games. Most people have played a drunken game of Twister, and maybe even a game of Scattergories, but have you ever played a drinking game version of noughts and crosses? Now you can…and for less!

          Equipped with a checked board and nine shot glasses, you can nought and cross your way to victory with the Noughts and Crosses Drinking Game from In fact, this week, you can purchase the game and glasses for just £2.49 (RRP £3.99) but be quick – it’s only available at this price for 3 more days!

          How about inviting your friends round for an epic battle of noughts and crosses? Winner stays on, losers downs the winners line of shots. There are 9 shot glasses, and as always, the aim of the game is to get three of your allocated symbols (noughts or crosses) in a line. The game works a little better after a couple of drinks, and Is great to play at a house party / hosting / drinking fun times at yours or round at a mates house. At this price, we recommend purchasing a few and getting a large group of your friends to come over and play a tournament. What better way to socialise than over a friendly game of Noughts and Crosses Drink Game!?